Kruger Foundation (with the help of Sanjeevani Trust, a local NGO), helps to run a mobile health centre at Joida, an almost neglected region of Uttar Kannada District.

Mobile Health CentreIntroduction

Joida, one of the eleven taluks in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka lies in the eastern part of the district and is spread over an area of 1,890 sq. kms. Joida taluk has a total of 23,433 hectares of forestland and experiences heavy rainfall between the months of June and August and a moderately cool climate throughout the year. Haliyal taluk in the east, Goa in the west, Karwar in the south and Belgaum district in the north surround Joida. River Kali is the major river that flows through the taluk. Six dams have already been constructed on river Kali. A total of 1067 sq kms. of land area has been submerged under the Kali Hydel Project.

Joida is the second largest taluk in the state of Karnataka in terms of geographical area. According to the 2001 census Joida taluk has a population of 48, 592 of whom 24, 425 are men and 24,167 women. The sex ratio in the taluk is 989 females per 1000 males. Joida has a literacy rate of 65.47%, the male and female breakup being 76.80% and 54.04% respectively. The density of population in the taluk stands at 25 persons per sq km.

Joida taluk has 15-gram panchayats, 120 revenue villages and 456 recognized settlements. Ramnagar is the only urban pocket in Joida taluk with a population of over 5000.


In this background, Shri. Devdatt Kamat, Advocate Supreme Court and one of the Trustees of Kruger Foundation visited Joida Taluka and travelled to remote villages to see the conditions of people and assured the support for starting the mobile health service.

For the practical working of the service he enlisted support of a group of youngsters and encouraged them to form a local body called Sanjeevani Seva Trust who would be overseeing the functioning of the entire scheme.

Sanjeevani Mobile Health Services

Under this initiative the Sanjeevani Mobile Health Service started its services from 1st May 2012. A well equipped Ambulance was put into service to cater to the needs of the rural people who were otherwise deprived of any Medical Aid in emergencies and also in normal routine course.

PreambleHealth CampRural Health Camp

Under this scheme the mobile unit with a qualified doctor and a nurse would travel to different villages on specified days of the week. This attempt has been a great health and help to the people in this backward region. So far the treatment has been given to a staggering number of people i.e 10642

Along with the regular Medical Services provided under the scheme the Kruger Foundation has been supporting other initiatives in this backward area such as distribution of protein powder, to the children, health supplements to the village folks, providing school bags and other requirements for the school going children etc.

Free Drinking Water Supply

One other very useful activity carried out under this scheme is in respect of free supply of drinking water during the summer months from March to June. Many of the villages in Joida Taluka do not have any drinking water sources. The Foundation through Sanjeevani Trust started this scheme of providing free drinking water through Mobile Water Tanks at the door steps of these unfortunate people. This service is been highly appreciated by the people.

Second Free Health Camp at Dhareshwar, Kumta

29 September 2013 - Second Free Health Camp at KWT’s Janata Vidyalaya, Dhareshwar, Kumta

Mobile Health Centre

This second Free Medical Camp under this project was proposed to be held in September 2013 at a rural place in Kumta Taluk of Uttar Kannada District.

The Trust Office team visited the venue of the proposed camp beforehand and took measures for securing the requisite facilities for the conduct of the camp. The School Betterment Committee of Janata Vidyalaya, Dhareshwar enthusiastically came forward to render active support for the conduct of the medical camp.

Total cost of medicines and health supplements as per MRP rates are around Rs.1,00,000/-. Gee Yem Pharma Links of Kumta have supplied the same at a reduced rate of Rs.39,940/-. Read the full report »


A case was detected at our Second Free Health camp at Dhareshwar, Kumta, held on 29th September 2013 under our project – Mobile Health Care. She suffers from profound hearing loss since birth. Her family could not afford the treatment suggested by the doctors.

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Pilot Project at Basgod village of Ankola

16 June 2013 - Pilot project held at Basgod village of Ankola

Mobile Health Centre

This new venture is being conducted with the support of Kruger Foundation, Karwar, and Shri Devadatt Kamat, Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi. This project involving conduct of free health camps at various rural places in the district was envisaged to enable the economically backward populace to avail of quality medical care by expert doctors.

Conduct of medical camps will henceforth be a regular feature and will be part of the activities undertaken by the Trust and Kruger Foundation.

In the pilot project held at Basgod village of Ankola, a total of 272 patients were treated at the camp. Medicines worth Rs.61147/- were distributed to the needy patients free of cost. Read the full report »


A case of a child suffering from profound hearing loss and incapability of speech was identified at this camp. Follow-up treatment was done and hearing aid instruments worth Rs.17000/- were fixed to his ears. The doctor has assured that the child will be able to hear and in due course of time would be able to pick up words of speech. He would also be able to attend a normal school in a couple of years.

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The following map shows the Panchayat wise distribution of villages in Joida taluk



Inaugural address of Shri Devadatt Kamat Shri S. P. Kamat, Chairman, Kruger Foundation, Advocate K.R.Desai, Shashikant Naik


Women and a child taking treatment from our unit at Mudia village

Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply to the villages of Joida

Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply Camp Beneficiary -
Vaibhavi Bhandari

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Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply Camp Beneficiary -
Ranjan Gouda

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