A project undertaken by Kruger Foundation for Child Aid, Karwar in association with Kanara Welfare Trust, Ankola


The world is witnessing a phenomena not conducive for the Nature’s evolutionary purpose and process. It is said that the Nature guides and directs the evolution till the advent of Man, and, thereafter, it is the Man who predominantly influences the course of destiny and evolution.

Unfortunately, the Man does not seem to have realized his role in the context of human evolution and more so in the present times. He seems to have alienated himself from the wider context in which he is expected to play his role. He has narrowed himself down to his individualistic self, focusing his attention on the “self” alone. Even this focusing is not in an appropriate manner where the growth becomes a propelling factor for general growth of the mankind.

One commonly hears about Man’s onslaught on the Nature, resulting in destruction of natural elements for one’s own need, nay greed. The concern for the fellow human beings is marginal. Respect and love for the Nature and the environment is minimal. The impending gloom like global warming, thinning of ozone layers, the concentration of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmospheric layers, the lowering of the water table in the geological strata, the depletion of the available energy sources, etc. are not being preserved as threat to the life itself on this planet. On the whole, the scenario makes an ostensible negative presentation. The Man tends to preoccupy himself in trying to only talk about this phenomena at an intellectual level and not making a serious attempt to address the real problem.

Towards the corrective stepsTowards the corrective steps

How do we change the scenario?

The World cannot be changed without bringing about a change at the level of Man. If human mind changes, the world will be reflected in its change and that’s the only way to change the world and save it from the downward slide that it is presently experiencing. This is the stage of intervention at the inflection point.

Of course, there have been continuous attempts in this direction by well meaning people, and, one witnesses this attempt throughout the course of history. The evolutionary process is not and has never been a linear one. Undulations are prominent, and, a reality. During the downward trend of the process, the history has witnessed the advent of great souls to intervene and change the course towards upward direction. The Nature has its own mechanism of correcting embellishments essentially through provoking a conducive thought process in the human being himself. If man can make a positive effort to supplement the Nature’s inbuilt mechanism, the acceleration towards the upward trend would be easily gained.

In this background, an attempt to create a small group of young boys and girls is envisaged who could be oriented to become change makers for the world tomorrow. The emphasis would be to create authentic personalities fully and properly empowered with the latent ability harnessed and explored for creating a positive impact on the world around them and help them to grow with their own natural propensities, emerging as the natural leaders, in their own right, to lead and show direction to others to follow.

This attempt was envisaged and initiated at a relatively small humble level to create a group of young Boys and Girls who were in their formative years of life preferably in the age group of 14-17. The target group was chosen from the student community studying in the 9th standard in the Secondary level of Education.

The candidates were selected from schools spanning the entire length and breadth of the Uttar Kannada District.

This target group is aptly called CHANGE MAKERS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.


The Focus would be bringing about a qualitative and an authentic change in these young minds and prepare them to take up and accept the challenges and opportunities lying ahead in their role as change makers. The emphasis will be on

- The Art and Science of Living.
- Development of authentic personalities.
- Helping the Self-Empowerment process.
- Developing positively oriented mindsets.
- Developing the sense of unconditional love and concern for the fellow human beings, the environment, the society, the Nation and the Mother Earth.

The focused objective will be attempted to be achieved through a programme aimed at periodical training sessions on the appropriate subjects,

The training would have, among others, the following salient features,

1. It will be in an informal and intimate ambience.
2. An atmosphere of oneness like in a family will be the main feature of this ambience.
3. The transmission of the thoughts would be interactive.
4. The attempt would be made to explore and strengthen the natural and positive abilities of the members including their innate skills and strengths.
5. Inculcate a deeper sense of belonging and a feeling that the seed of change is within and that it can be sprouted.

A detailed syllabus to achieve the above objectives was appropriately structured.


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The above scenario has given rise for the visible maladies observed in the social structure today such as:

Absence of awareness about one’s own role in life.

Absence of awareness about one’s own potentialities.

Absence of purpose in life.

Absence of positive approach to life.

Absence of capacity to dream and strive towards its fulfillment.

Absence of concern and selfless love towards the Nature and its constituents including the environment, the animal world and the human world.

Absence of curiosity about the Life and the Nature.

Absence of involvement and commitment towards positive activities.

Mode of Selection

The selection of the Candidate was as under:

Primary Selection (through the selection panel including Heads of selected Institutions). Necessary instructions for such selection was given to the authorities concerned.

Intermediate Selection was done by a Selection Committee appointed by the Kanara Welfare Trust, Ankola.

Final Selection was made by the Kruger Foundation for Child Aid, Karwar.


The selected candidates are eligible for a monthly allowance of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) as incentive to participate in the programme, which will take care of their educational requirement during their studies in 8th, 9th and 10th standards. It is in the nature of grant / scholarship, and its continuation would depend upon the performance of the candidate / student concerned.


In the first batch, 127 students were part of our “Change Makers for a Better Tomorrow” project for the period from 2007 to 2010. Second batch of 50 students from various schools across the district are actively participating in our orientation retreats held quarterly at different venues since 2010.